Caring For Your Steel Yard Ramp

A yard ramp or mobile yard ramp is going to be  a relatively big investment for your company. It won’t be quite as much as an expenditure for a permanent concrete loading dock, but this purchase will still involve some investment. Obviously the good thing is that you will get back that money in terms of revenue from increased efficiency. However, caring for your steel yard ramp is of utmost importance. You want to protect your assets as much as you can. You wouldn’t purchase a fleet of trucks and skip out on the routine maintenance like oil changes.

Your yard ramp won’t require too much upkeep, but you still want to take steps to care for it.

Quality Material

One thing you don’t have to worry about is parts breaking. We build our yard ramps for sale out of heavy duty carbon steel channel framing. So where other yard ramps might lack in quality, ours does not. Regardless, you should still practice safe measures when using the yard ramp. This means using it for its intended uses. Our yard ramps allow you to have dock access where there otherwise wouldn’t be.


The surface of our yard ramps is made from a serrated grating that provides reliable traction in virtually any weather conditions. This allows for the safe use of our yard ramp even in rain and snow. The grating also helps to prevent the build up of derby making it somewhat self-cleaning.

However, it should still be cleaned every so often and in the event of a spill. Leaving materials, organic or inorganic, to build up and compound on the surface does the ramp and the safety of your employees no good. So every so often give your ramp a good cleaning to really keep it looking like new.

Mind the Capacity

Finally caring for your yard ramp means keeping to some restrictions. We provide yard ramps in capacities ranging for 16k to 40k. Therefore, you shouldn’t exceed the capacity limit of your yard ramp. There is a reason for having capacity limits on each ramp and that is to ensure safe use of the product.

For more information about yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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