What Surface Materials Are Used In Your Ramps

Yard ramps provide an inexpensive alternative to building a concrete approach ramp. You can avoid the costly construction costs, long build times, and even resell your ramp if you find you don’t have a need for it anymore.

Unfortunately, not all yard ramps are created equal. We pride ourselves on building ramps that are designed with purpose and manufactured to last. Let’s take a look at what surface materials are used in the ramps that we build.
Serrated Grating

First, it should be known that our ramps have a serrated grating surface. We build our ramps using the serrated grating because it has proven to provide the most reliable traction during all weather situations. The serrated grating allows excellent traction even in some pretty poor weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Carbon Steel

When you are moving large quantities of goods on a heavy forklift, you need to know that you can rely on your ramp’s strength. That is why we use heavy duty carbon steel for the channel framing. The channel framing holds various pieces of the ramp together without compromising strength.

Diamond Plate Surface

Finally, you will find a diamond plate surface at both ends of the ramp. This diamond plate provides a nice, smooth transition from the ground to the container. Your forklift can easily, and comfortably make the transition from the ground onto the ramp. Then after the forklift has traversed the ramp, another diamond plate surface allows it to comfortably transfer from the ramp to the container. Without these two diamond plate surfaces, the transitioning would be a bit bumpier which could cause some problems when handling a pallet.

If you are looking to purchase or rent a yard ramp, don’t sacrifice on quality. We build our ramps with very strict adherence to quality and source materials because equipment handling is all about safety. If you are not using the best quality equipment handling solutions, you are not providing the safest working environment for your employees.

For more information about purchasing ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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