Why A Steel Stationary Ramp Is Better Than A Concrete Approach Ramp

When it comes to providing dock access to your facility, you have some options. A lot of businesses opt for the standard concrete approach ramp. These durable, stationary ramps provide easy access. However, they also come with a lot of bagged. Steel stationary ramps on the other hand, provide that same ease of access, with a little less baggage. Here are some reasons why a steel stationary ramp is better than a concrete approach ramps.

No Need for Permits

There are not many things in this world that cause as many headaches as permits do. Just thinking about applying, paying for, and eventually acquiring a permit can start to make people’s heads throb. Permit processes have never been fun or easy. If you plan to build a concrete approach ramp, you have to acquire the proper permits. This can be different based on state and local code. With a steel stationary ramp, there is no need for a permit since it is a non-permanent structure that is not being constructed at the site.

No Need for Construction

Segwaying into the next reason, let’s continue with the talk about construction. A concrete approach ramp will involve a long construction process. You need to have the space assessed along with the land it will be built on. Then you have to have plans made for the ramp itself. Then you can have it built. Hopefully you don’t run into any weather delays or labor issues. A steel ramp is manufactured at a facility, such as Medlin, and then shipped to you for use. The process is much quicker.

Lower Cost

Construction projects are never cheap. Purchasing a manufactured steel stationary ramp is much cheaper. The quality of our Medlin Ramps are impeccable and the cost can really help out your bottom line. The difference in utility of a concrete approach ramp and steel stationary ramp is virtually non-existent so you aren’t losing any gains in productivity by choosing one over the other.

Ability to Resell

Finally, should you choose to relocate your business or close up shop for retirement, you can resell your steel stationary ramp. These ramps are so durable that they will outlast a vast majority of other equipment, making them useful for incredible periods of time. You can easily resell the ramp to recoup some of the costs you incurred. A concrete approach ramp does not afford you the same luxury. Once it is built, it is there for good or until someone tears it down.

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