The Simple Way A Yard Ramp Can Save You On Costs

When managing your company, you are always looking for reliable ways to save on costs. You obviously want to do this without cutting salaries, cutting hours, and going cheap on equipment. Those are some major expense areas so it is an obvious first thought. However, one way to save costs is to avoid new major expenses and become more efficient. So if you manage any type of facility that handles large quantities of goods or supplies, here are a couple of ways that a yard ramp can save you on costs.

Less Man Hours

A yard ramp allows dock access to trucks and facilities without an actual loading ramp. If you’ve been having your employees unload pallets without a ramp, you’ve been things inefficiently. Purchasing a yard ramp may seem like a large expense upfront, however you have to view it as an investment that will return its value and then some. Having a yard ramp allows your employees to safely and efficiently unload pallets and goods either a truck or your facility.

More efficiency means that you’ll be able to handle a higher volume of goods in a shorter timeframe. This means that your overall workforce’s time is being used for efficiently. Their newfound time can be used towards other tasks within your business.

Avoid the Loading Dock Costs

Another major way that a yard ramp can save you on costs is that it is the perfect substitute for an actual loading bay and docks. Building a permanent loading dock might seem like a great idea, until you see the costs. They are extremely costly to build even though they provide a useful utility. In addition to construction costs, there will be permits to manage along the way.

The best way to save time, money, and yourself from headaches, is to purchase a yard ramp. A yard ramp is a much more fiscally responsible option to a loading ramp and provides the same utility. You also don’t need to get permits to have one since it is not a permanent structure. That leads into another benefit which is that you can move your yard ramp to areas that you need it, instead of keeping it stationary all its life.

For more information about purchasing or renting yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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