How Can You Calculate Pallet Rack Load Capacity?

If you are interested in calculating a load capacity for a pallet rack, our best advice is to contact professionals. Sure, you can scour the internet to find calculators and equations but the truth is, there are too many factors for you to single-handedly calculate the load capacity you need with confidence.

One of the biggest reasons you should see a professional is that many customers make the mistake of underestimating the capacity they need. This can spell disaster for your products and create a very unsafe environment for employees. However, if you must calculate capacity you can use the following general equations.

Beam Capacity

First, to find the beam capacity, use the heaviest pallet weight and multiply that number by the number of pallet positions per beam level. If you have a 1000 pound maximum pallet weight, two pallets per level, you would need 2,000 pounds capacity per beam level.This gives you your beam capacity estimate.

Maximum Pallet Weight x Number of Pallets Per Level = Beam Capacity

Pallet Frame Capacity

To find the pallet frame capacity, you need to measure the maximum vertical beam spacing that is being used. The beam spacing is found by measuring from the top of one beam level to the top the next beam level. Therefore, if you have 5 inch high beams, and 50 inches of space between the beams, your vertical beam spacing is 60 inches and the frame capacity should be considered 60”.

Despite these numbers, you still will not have a clear picture of the capacity of pallet rack needed. There are a number of other factors that matter when determining pallet rack capacity. For example, one that we have to consider here in Los Angeles, is the seismic zone. Earthquakes can have an affect of what pallet rack capacity you need. Another factor is the type of floor you have. The thickness, strength, and soil all play a part in this factor. The rack upright height, width, gauge, pattern, and foot plate size also play a role in capacity. Finally, the load beam plays a factor with things such as length, width, gauge, beam connect, and product spacing affecting it.

We highly encourage you to speak with a professional when determining the pallet rack load capacity for your facility.

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