What To Look For In Quality Rail Boards

Rail boards are relatively simple pieces of material handling equipment. Their purpose is to provide easy access from one railway car to the next, providing a bridge over the gap between cars. These rail boards make moving pallets of goods easy with a forklift or other form of material handling solution. With that said, not all rail boards are created equal, despite their simplicity. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a quality rail board.


The first thing you’ll want to do when purchasing a rail board, or any material handling solution for that matter, is to determine the manufacturer. A lot of material handling equipment such as yard ramps, dock levelers, rail boards, and more can be purchased through third party suppliers and resellers. While there are certainly a number of legitimate, trustworthy third party providers out there, there are also a number of non-trustworthy suppliers as well. Their goal is to sell the equipment; move inventory. Your goal is to find a quality manufactured piece of equipment. It is very important to find out who the manufacturer of a particular piece of equipment is because that will tell you most of the story. From there you can determine where it was manufactured, the materials used, the manufacturing specifications they needed to abide by, and their overall trustworthiness.


Another important piece of information to gather while looking for a quality rail board is the capacity ranges. You’ll want to know how heavy a load the rail board can withstand. This will be a telling sign for the quality of the piece of equipment.


Finally, many quality rail boards have an ease of mobility. The whole purpose of them is to easily move them from railcar to railcar when needed. If there is not mobility features built in, it will make it much more difficult for your employees to move the rail board around. Many have built in loops or chains that can be secured to forklifts. This ideal features makes moving the rail board as easy as moving goods.

When it comes to rail boards, do your homework. Find legitimate manufacturers and don’t settle for the least expensive piece of equipment just because it looks great on the bottom line of a ledger. In the end, a quality rail board is an investment, not an expense.

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