3 Places You’ve Seen A Pallet Rack

pallet rack los angelesIf you are not familiar with the material handling industry, there is a good chance that you are unfamiliar with the term “pallet rack”, despite how common they are. Pallet racks are essentially a storage solution for entire pallets of goods, instead of breaking them down and storing individual product. Pallet racking is so widely used because it makes moving goods easier. One forklift driver can move the entire pallet of goods at once, instead of having to gather all of the individual product containers and moving them. It also makes storage a little simpler as well.

If you still don’t believe how commonplace pallet racks are, here are three places you’ve seen a pallet rack.

Grocery Warehouse Stores

You have frequented a grocery warehouse store at least once in your life, if not once a week. Stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Wal-Mart are all examples of grocery warehouses. While pallet racks are a little less common at Wal-Mart, they are used heavily at Sam’s Club and Costco. Those giant shelving units where you get your package of 300 toilet paper rolls are pallet racks. They have the ability to store an entire pallet of goods and often do. You are usually busy shopping the pallets that have already been broken down, but either behind or above, there can often be found an undisturbed pallet of goods.

Hardware Stores

It makes sense for hardware stores to use pallet racks. The excess inventory typically isn’t perishable which means they can keep it stored in the pallet until it is needed. Things like paint cans, tools, nuts, screws, light switches, and electrical outlets are all delivered to the store in pallets. It doesn’t make sense for a Home Depot or Lowes to open that pallet until the remaining inventory becomes low.

Large Liquor Stores

Finally, you’ve probably seen a pallet rack at a larger liquor store such as Binny’s, BevMo, or Total Wine. Again, alcohol distributors provide mass quantities of their product in pallet shipments. The liquor can store some of these pallets directly in the aisle on the rack or in the back. Pallet racks are extremely durable and can sustain a low of weight, making them an ideal solution for storing large quantities of liquor. All of the glass and liquid adds up to a pretty high weight which would be unsafe to store on standard shelves that were built to support things such as paper plates and plastic cutlery.

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