Who Invented the Jib Boom?

There are a lot of modern systems we use today without ever really considering their past. Sure, we all know who invented the iPhone but there is a good chance you don’t know who invented the toaster. Look around at all the objects around you and try to think about who invented even the simplest of those items. Now, consider all of the industries out there who use niche items to help them perform their day-to-day operations.

In the construction world, the jib crane or jib boom is one of those nifty inventions that seems to have always been around. For those not familiar with a jib crane, here is a brief rundown. A jib crane is a crane that has a horizontal member that is usually fixed to a wall or floor-mount. This horizontal member is considered a jib or boom. This member also supports a moveable hoist. The jib can be fixed or swing through an arc for added movement.

If it seems like the crane has been around forever, that is because it pretty much has been around forever. Okay, it wasn’t here when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but it made its first appearance pretty early on in history.

The inventor of the jib boom is more of a group of people rather than a specific person. The Ancient Romans created a simple crane consisting of a single-beam jib, a winch, a rope, and a block that had three pulleys.

Ancient Romans are credited with some of the finest structural engineering and architecture, even today. They created stunning buildings and shrines that almost contradict the advancements of that time period. However, the Ancient Romans definitely understood the concept of cranes as they continually built upon their simplest version. They created five pulley systems and even a three by five pulley system. This “polyspastos” system could lift 3,000 kg when worked on by four men.

Jib booms have come a long ways since Ancient Roman times, however the concept of them still has incredible applications. The Medlin Jib Boom attaches to your forklift so that you lift equipment out of tight places.

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