What are The Components Of A Mobile Yard Ramp?

If you are in the market to purchase a mobile yard ramp, it is important to understand all of the components that go into a yard ramp, or at least the components that we include in ours. We can’t speak for everyone out there. The following components come standard in our yard ramps, which we manufacture ourselves.

The Ramp

First and foremost, there is the ramp. All of our mobile ramps come at a length of 35 feet plus a level off. You have two options for useable width, which are 64 inches and 78 inches. If you don’t know what a useable width is, keep reading.

Our mobile yard ramps are the perfect solution when you company doesn’t have a loading dock. The ramps are constructed of heavy duty carbon steel which ensures reliability and durability. The ramps surface is made up of serrated grating providing you traction in all conditions. Ramp capacities come in 16k to 40k.

Level Off

The level off is a at the very end of our yard ramps. This area is completely parallel to the ground so that your forklifts aren’t at an incline when entering a truck dock or loading bay.

Safety Chains

Another component of our mobile yard ramps, are safety chains. These safety chains help to allow one man to easily operate the mobile yard ramp.

Iron Core Poly Wheels

Our mobile yard ramps also come with durable, iron core poly wheels. With these wheels, you won’t have to worry a whole lot about damage. Alternatively, we also offer off road wheels for use on non-paved surfaces.

2 Speed Manual Crank System

One component that isn’t as common, is our 2 speed manual crank system. A lot of other mobile yard ramps rely on a hydraulic system but we’ve found that hydraulic systems tend to break and fail. There is nothing worse than have an unusable yard ramp sitting in the back of your shop. Our 2 speed manual crank system may not sound as fancy as “hydraulic” but it is much more reliable. The crank system allows you easily adjust the ramp, which combined with the iron core poly wheels, makes moving the ramp a breeze.

Safety Curbs

Another component of all yard ramps are safety curs. These act essentially as guard rails so your forklift driver can’t even purposely drive over the sides of the ramp. We also offer extended curbs for forklifts with abnormal wheel height or for forklift drivers who have a hard time going straight.

Useable Width

The final component, or rather feature of a mobile yard ramp, is the usable width. This is the width of the yard ramp, not including the safety curbs. So it is the actual width that the forklift has to travel across.

For more information about purchasing mobile yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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