Medlin Ramps Manufactures Their Own Ramps: Why This Makes A Difference

At Medlin Ramps, we manufacture our own ramps. We don’t outsource this challenging and important work to a third-party. We manufacture our ramps ourselves because we believe this makes all the difference in the end. By no means are we bashing outsourcing, but we also know that we should not outsource just for outsourcing’s sake.

Quality Assurance

One of the first ways our own manufacturing makes a difference is through quality assurance. The manufacturing process is in our own backyard, allowing us to perform rigorous quality checks. We know what materials are being used for every single part and can change out any part of the process easily if the quality is not up to our standards.

We Built It, We Can Fix It

Another reason manufacturing our own ramps makes a difference is that we understand the entire production process from the front to back. By keeping the manufacturing in-house, there are no surprises in terms of how something is built. If, by some longshot, one of our ramps breaks, we know exactly how to fix it. We know how to fix it because we built it.

Think about something as simple as a table. If you built your own table, you will know exactly how to fix a specified part of it. If you did not build your own table, you might have to expend a lot of effort in figuring out just how to fix it.

Custom Builds

Finally, manufacturing our own ramps makes a difference because it provides us with the ability to create custom builds. Our stationary yard ramps come in capacities of 16k to 40k, 30 feet in length, and have either a 64 or 78 inch usable width. Our mobile yard ramps come in the same two capacities, are 35 feet in length with a level off, and have either a 64 or 78 inch usable width.

However, that does not necessarily work for your business. You may need a higher capacity, wider usable width, or a longer ramp. By manufacturing our own ramps, we can accommodate for these specific specifications. An outsourced manufacturing process would make this incredibly difficult, or undoable.

For more information about purchasing mobile or stationary yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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