Why Steel Is The Best Material For Yard Ramps In Los Angeles

It is somewhat common knowledge that a lot of heavy duty material handling equipment is made out of steel. For example, our yard ramps are constructed out of heavy duty carbon steel.

Believe it or not, there is a reason or multiple reasons why we choose steel as the material of choice for our yard ramps. The overall reason, is that it is the best material for yard ramps in Los Angeles. So why exactly is steel the best material? We’re so glad you asked.


One of the main reasons why steel is the best choice for yard ramp production, is because of its durability. It is extremely difficult to damage or break the steel used to construct our ramps. This is especially important because the goal of a yard ramp is to transfer large quantities of heavy materials from one area to another. This usually involves a forklift traveling over the yard ramp. The ramp needs to be durable enough to handle the forklift, forklift driver, and the load it is carrying. There are a lot of materials that simply could not handle this type of rigorous workload day in and day out.

Relatively Lightweight

Another reason steel is the best material for yard ramps is that it is relatively lightweight. Sure, you are not going to be lifting the ramp over your head, but compared to other materials is it a heck of a lot lighter. For example, if yard ramps were built out of stone or concrete, they would weigh exponentially more. Stone and concrete are much more dense and require a thicker surface in order to handle the capacity without breaking. You would essentially be building a concrete loading dock.

Weathers Well

Finally, steel is the best material to use for yard ramps because they weather well. What we mean by this is that they don’t damage easily from different temperatures or precipitation. We also create a serrated steel surface so that forklifts have much better traction, even in the wettest of conditions. Not all materials allow for this time of manufacturing. For example, a serrated wood surface would end up just grinding down or splintering immediately.

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