What Are The Components Of A Yard Ramp?

los angeles yard ramp manufacturerStationary yard ramps are an excellent solution when your business has no ground access from the dock. If your business is in this situation, you are probably in the market to either rent or purchase a stationary yard ramp. However, before doing so, you should learn about the components of a yard ramp. We’ve listed out the main components of all Medlin stationary yard ramps below.  

The Ramp

The most obvious component of a yard ramp, is the ramp itself. This is what provides that smooth transition from the ground to the dock. Our ramps are fabricated from heavy duty carbon steel. The surface of the ramp is constructed using a serrated grating to ensure traction and durability in all weather. Our ramps are available in capacities from 16k to 40k. The standard length of our ramps is 30 feet, although custom sizes are available upon request.

The Safety Curbs

Another important component of a yard ramp is the safety curbs. These curbs act as a barrier so that a forklift driver cannot accidentally drive off the side of the ramp. This gives an operate the confidence they need to get the job done. Additionally, if you operate machinery with oversize wheels, Medlin can also provide extended curbs, ensuring that your machinery won’t end up like Humpty Dumpty.

The Usable Width

Usable Width isn’t necessarily a component, but rather an important specification of a yard ramp. The usable width is the actual width of the ramp that can be used for transferring material. For example, the thickness of the safety curbs makes the actual ramp width wider, however the usable width is what is contained between those curbs. Medline offers 64 and 78 inch usable widths but can also provide custom dimensions at request.

The Legs

The final component of a stationary yard ramp is the legs. The legs of our stationary yard ramps provide the support for the incline of the ramp.

Now that you know the major components of a yard ramp, you can being your research into renting or purchasing one. We’d recommend starting your search at Medlin Ramps.

For more information about purchasing or renting stationary yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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