How A Los Angeles Yard Ramp Improves Efficiency

If your business has anything to do with logistics, warehouses, manufacturing, inventory, shipping, or anything else that has to do with moving large quantities of goods, you most likely are familiar with a yard ramp. If you are not, well stay tuned. However, there are a lot of medium to smaller businesses that should be tuning in as well.

Yard ramps can drastically improve the efficiency of many businesses.

This holds true for the large, medium and small businesses. There are a handful of reasons for this.

Fiscal Efficiency

The purpose of yard ramps are to replace the need of a of a permanent loading bay. These concrete docks or bays can be quite costly, especially for a smaller business who may not need them. These smaller businesses should not need to financially burden themselves with a concrete structure that they won’t use on a daily basis. However, a yard ramp provides a similar utility to a loading bay and a fraction of the price.

Space Efficiency

Loading docks and loading bays that are built as permanent structures are quite large. They are expected to accommodate trucks, sometimes more than one at a time. For a middle size or smaller business, there simply might not be this much real estate available. Space is in limited quantity these days and every square foot needs to be used efficiently. A yard ramp can be conveniently stored away after it has been used, thus freeing up that space for its original purpose.

Loading/Unloading Efficiency

The obvious efficiency beneficiary is in the loading and unloading itself. Business owners who do not have a loading dock or bay have to exude monumental effort in order to get ships to and from their storage area. With dock access this could involve breaking down pallets outside, so that the product can be brought individually inside. Alternatively, it could mean bringing the pallets in through the front doors and all the way through the facility to the back. A yard ramp eliminates any sort of issues with deliveries and shipments.

Backup Efficiency

Finally, yard ramps serve as backup efficiency. What happens if the loading dock is being occupied by a delayed delivery. Your outgoing shipment still needs to leave the facility on time. Luckily, you had the foresight to purchase a yard ramp which you can now deploy to efficiently deliver your goods, while receiving your shipment at the same time. A yard ramp also proves beneficial for efficiency if one access point to your facility is broken or unusable.

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