Los Angeles Mobile Yard Ramps: A Solution When You Don’t Have A Loading Dock

Unfortunately for a lot of businesses, the lack of a loading dock can really cause some stress. Loading docks provide an easy way for large quantities of shipments to either be delivered or received. Without a loading dock it can either take a lot of manpower, a lot of time, or both to accomplish what could normally be done in relatively quick fashion.

Many business owners tend to shy away from constructing a permanent loading dock for a variety of reasons mainly due to cost and overall space. However, there is a great solution for businesses that don’t have a loading dock. We’d like to introduce you to the mobile yard ramp.

Cost Solution

The first issue most businesses come across is the cost to construct a loading dock. It is not cheap, not even by a longshot. A mobile yard ramp on the other hand will cost you a fraction of what you would pay to have a permanent loading dock erected.

Space Solution

Another reason businesses are hesitate to build a loading dock is the amount of space it takes up. This is especially true for those businesses located in congested metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles. Space is at a premium and you need to utilize every square inch to its fullest. Building a loading dock for non-daily use just wouldn’t make sense spacially.

Mobile yard ramps, on the other hand, take up a fraction of the space and can even be folded up and stored away while not in use.

Utility Solution

Finally, mobile yard ramps provide all the utility of a loading dock. It allows ground access for forklifts to pull pallets from trucks or to load them onto the trucks. In addition, a mobile yard ramp provides even more utility through a crank system that allows the height of the ramp to be raised and lowered.

Mobile yard ramps provide an excellent solution for those businesses that don’t have a loading ramp. It addresses all concerns including price, space, and utility.

For more information about purchasing mobile yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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