Yard Ramp Rental vs. Buying

User-uploaded image: PORTABLE+DOCK+AND+RAMP+YRM208435OR+FD2096120HDEOD.jpgChoosing to rent or buy a yard ramp can be a difficult decision. 

Good news , you have a few options!!!

Your first choice is to decide whether your business needs a mobile yard ramp or a stationary yard ramp. They are very similar and provide the same utility, however some are best suited for businesses depending on a few factors.

Your second choice is whether to rent or buy a yard ramp.

We’ve put together some information below that will hopefully help you come to the best decision for your business.

Renting Pros

To start out with, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of renting a yard ramp.

The first benefit of renting is the low investment needed. This is opposed to purchasing a yard ramp. In order to buy a quality yard ramp, you are going to need to set aside a sizeable amount of capital. However, this could be worth it in the long run if your business frequently uses the yard ramp. For those L.A. businesses who only use yard ramps on occasion, renting one may be the more fiscally responsible option.

Another benefit, at least with Medlin Ramps, is that options for short and long term rentals are available. For example, your business may be expecting an incredible amount of shipment over the course of a day. Therefore you can take advantage of a short term rental. Longer term rentals may be for situations such as moving your business’s location.

Finally, Medlin Ramps also provides the benefit of providing a credit towards your purchase of a yard ramp, should you choose to change your mind about renting. Often times, business owners who have never used a yard ramp don’t quite realize the efficiency benefit it can provide. So they may rent it for a particular job. Halfway through the job, the business owner realizes just how much time and effort the yard ramp could save them. With Medlin, this switch from renting to owning is pretty painless.

Renting Cons

The first con to renting is that you may not know you need a yard ramp ahead of time. These short notice situations can make it difficult for you to find a rental that meets your timeline demands. If you purchase your own yard ramp, you won’t run into this issues since you have it on hand at all times.

Another issue with renting, is finding a location near you that has a ramp available for renting. Medlin has a manufacturing plant on both the West and East coast which helps us provide yard ramps from coast to coast. Manifest destiny!

Medlin Ramps is the only yard ramp manufacturer having two building facilities in the United States. Best Price & Fast delivery. For more information about purchasing stationary or mobile yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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