Why You Need The Right Forklift Equipment in Los Angeles

los angeles forkliftsMost warehouse owners are aware of the vast benefits that come from owning and using a forklift. In fact, if you are managing a company that requires large load transferring yet do not own a forklift, stop reading this post and start researching which one you will purchase.

Forklifts are the epitome of efficiency when it comes to the warehouse workplace. They may seem slow and bulky but they can sure haul. Forklifts allow you to lift heavier loads than any one man could. They can then take this load to a different location quicker than any one man could.

The best part is, that you can even further maximize your efficiency after you have purchased your forklift through the use of additional forklift equipment.

Yard Ramp

The first piece of equipment that will vastly optimize your forklift’s performance and fully utilize its abilities, is a yard ramp. Yard ramps are used when there is no dock access or loading bay for trucks to deliver or receive goods. A yard ramp allows your forklift to access the back of trucks to haul pallets of product away.

You might ask yourself why you shouldn’t just build a loading dock or bay. Well, the main reason to be quite frank, is cost. A yard ramp will cost you a fraction of what the construction of a permanent docking structure would. Yard ramps are also less obtrusive than an actual loading dock. Yard ramps can be folded up and stored away when they are not in use, allowing you to take advantage of every square foot of your space.

Forklift Extensions

Another great piece of equipment that can be used for your forklift is an extension. Forklift extensions are extended forks that allow your forklift to safely and effectively carry abnormal sized pallets. These extensions are extremely easy to install as they can just be placed on existing forks using the stirrups.

Forklift extensions can also be useful if your actual forks have degraded, yet you don’t have it in the budget to completely replace permanent forks.

For more information about purchasing the right forklift equipment, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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