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User-uploaded image: STATIONARY+RAMP+YRS2010230-2.jpgForklifts are a commonly used tool in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and many other industries that handle bulk materials. Despite their seemingly lack of speed and moving parts, forklifts are actually quite a dangerous piece of machinery to operate.

If your business employs the use of a forklift, regularly or even for the first time, you should consider investing in safety products associated with forklifts. In fact, employee safety should be your number one priority when using a forklift.

Safety and Training Videos

You’ve undoubtedly seen a handful of 1980’s style instructional and safety videos. The over the top acting and reenactments are a bit much but the overall message is important. Luckily there are a ton of forklift safety and training videos at your disposal. Some even come in complete kits that involve the video, training manuals, exams, wall certificates, and even posters. The more you know.


We are well aware that forklifts are typically not purchased based on their 0 to 60 mile per hour performance, however seatbelts are important none the less. The number one cause of death from forklifts are due to tip-overs, which can be prevented with seatbelts. They are easy to install and actually enforced by OSHA though its General Duty Clause.

Equipment Log

An equipment log enables you and your staff to quickly and efficiently perform forklift inspections prior to each shift. Inspecting forklifts before each shift’s use is important because it provides a preventative safety measure. Running your forklift ragged each day without proper inspection can cause serious issues and put operators in harm’s way.

Battery Safety Products

Battery safety products help to ensure the performance of your forklift’s batteries. So why is this a safety measure as opposed to a performance measure? Well, every battery contains acid which can be harmful to employees. Your business should have an eye wash station, protective equipment, and a battery spill kit.

Man Baskets

Reaching high places in your facility does not have to involve a ladder and spotter. Man baskets provide a safe basket for personnel to reach high places. These baskets are easily attached to your forklift and provide an oversized safety backscreen, along with hand rails, and toe guards to prevent employees from toppling over the edge.

For more information about forklift safety or purchasing forklift accessories, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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