Los Angeles Yard Ramps and Natural Disasters

User-uploaded image: MOBILE+RAMP+YRM208435OR+2.JPGNatural disasters are a part of our world. They end in heartache and destruction but they often show us the compassion that humanity has. Hurricane Katrina showed how an entire city could unite to rebuild and support those who lost everything. When a community survives such a horrific disaster, relief and rebuilding must begin to help get the city back on its fit.

Providing relief and rebuilding for the victims of a natural disaster, is a restoring of balance. New homes, businesses, and municipalities are erected so that people’s lives can return to normalcy. The relief and reconstruction process after a natural disaster contains a lot of moving parts.

Relief Support

One part that has been increasingly used in disaster relief and rebuilding is a mobile yard ramp. The versatile product has helped in countless natural disasters. Neighboring communities, businesses, and even support for other areas of the nation are often in the form of relief supplies. Essentials such as water and food are delivered on a regular basis along with clean clothes, towels, blankets and other everyday comforts that we take for granted.

Mobile yard ramps play a large role in being able to actually distribute the supplies. Mobile yard ramps help with unloading the trailers that are delivered as relief support. Pallets full of supplies are able to be emptied from trucks due the mobile yard ramps. Without them, unloading supplies would be a much more back-breaking effort than it already is.


During rebuilding, mobile yard ramps are one of the best ways to unload building materials to those who need them. Trucks would have to be unloaded by hand if it weren’t for these mobile ramps.

Loading docks may be completely destroyed or inaccessible. In fact, many of the places in need of rebuilding probably would not have a loading dock to begin with. This is especially true in residential areas where relief is often needed most.

While all the credit is due to the volunteers and compassionate citizens who help their struggling neighbors, it is nice to know that mobile yard ramps can help those noble people provide relief.

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