Los Angeles Yard Ramp Transportation

User-uploaded image: MOBILE+RAMP+YRSM208435OREOD.jpgOne of the things in the transactional process that is rarely considered by most customers, is how our yard ramps get to them. Obviously the concern is about the ramp itself along with how much it costs. Nevertheless, we feel it is important to provide transparency to our operations and give you an idea of how we transport the yard ramp to you.

One of the ways that our yard ramps get to customers, is through their ability to pick it up. This isn’t the most common option as your most businesses are not equipped or staffed to take a leisurely drive over to Medlin and pick up their yard ramp. We offer it as a convenience to customers who happen to be in our area and have the capabilities to pick up the ramps.

One of our key focuses is on our relationship with our logistical transportation company. Anytime we are primed to sell a ramp, we reach out to our transportation company for a quote on delivery charges. This helps us to provide you with a more accurate outlook on overall costs.

Once your yard ramp or mobile yard ramp has been purchased we get in touch with our transportation company again to finalize all of the details. This detailed purchase order highlights everything the transportation company needs to know regarding your order including contact names, and pickup and delivery locations.

We then ensure that our transportation partners know all of the key information in order to have a successful drop off. This information includes all of your yard ramp specs, its manual, and off-loading instructions.

Your information is then verified and dates are confirmed and our transportation company provides all parties with any relevant information. The transportation company will come out to our Santa Fe Springs manufacturing facility to pick up the order. It is then in their hands to deliver your yard ramp to you. We also make it a point to hear from our transportation company upon the completion of a successful delivery.

For more information about our yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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