Yard Ramps for Los Angeles Businesses

User-uploaded image: MOBILE+RAMP+YRM208435+2.jpgIf you’re in the greater Los Angeles area and are in need of yard ramps, you’re in luck. Medlin Ramps has been the leading material handling solutions manufacturer in the US since 1991. Medlin Ramps also happens to be in your background.

There is a very good chance that if your Los Angeles business needs a docking bay, you don’t have the space. In this situation, a yard ramp or a mobile yard ramp is the best solution. The can handle the same workload as a standard concrete loading ramp while being versatile and saving space.

When it comes to your Los Angeles business, you have two options for yard ramps. You can either use a stationary yard ramp or a mobile yard ramp.

Stationary Yard Ramps

Stationary yard ramps are ideal for instances when there is no ground access for the dock. The yard ramps are formed of heavy duty carbon steel with serrated grating to ensure traction in any condition. Capacities are offered in 16k and 40k. Our ramps are offered with usable widths of 64 or 78 inches and lengths of 30 feet. We also provide custom widths and lengths upon request for those L.A. businesses that need something specific.

Mobile Yard Ramps

Mobile yard ramps are another alternative for situations in which there is no loading dock but your business needs one. Like our stationary yard ramps, the mobile yard ramps are constructed from heavy duty carbon steel and has serrated grating for traction even in inclimate weather.

The main differences between the mobile and stationary yard ramps are the level off and crank system. The mobile yard ramp has a 6 foot level off whereas the stationary ramp does not. The mobile yard ramp also has a reliable two-speed manual crank system which is far superior to other brands that have a hydraulic system. Hydraulic systems are prone to fail which is why we employ a crank system.

The four iron core poly wheels making adjusting and moving the ramp extremely easy. The mobile ramps also have safety chains and tow boots so that one man can easily operate the ramp. This saves your business both time and money.

For more information about purchasing yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.


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