Why a Crank System Is Better Than Hydraulic In A Yard Ramp

For those ready to invest in a mobile yard ramp, you may be comparing the various aspects of competing products. Price, specs, and durability will all be major factors in your purchasing decision. However, another factor should be incorporated into the top of your decision making list.

In order to raise and lower, mobile ramps employ typically one of two types of systems; the crank system and the hydraulic system. The mobile ramps at Meldin employ a high-quality crank system. Hydraulic systems might sound fancier or more technologically advanced but the truth of the matter is that they are more prone to failure.

Hydraulic System Failures

Hydraulic systems have been around for a quite a long time which has allowed them to become a standard in mobile yard ramps. However, the amount of failures associated with them is never something owners get used to. These failures are frustrating and costly, not only in terms of repairs, but also in lost productivity.

Hydraulic systems have a lot of moving parts which are prone to damaging. Their capacity is weak meaning that a forklift driving onto the ramp can cause hydraulic failure or seal leakage. This failure causes unwanted downtime as the owner either needs to hire a professional to repair the system or they need to consult their complex maintenance guide.

The Medlin Crank System

Our mobile ramps have a two speed manual crank system. This system is far superior for trailer adjustment and has been used for decades. You can be almost certain that your system will need little to no maintenance for years. Other than a little application of grease every six months, you have virtually nothing to worry about.

The ramp operate can easily raise and lower the ramp with a turn of a handle. We have tested the system ourselves, attempting to cause as much destruction and stress as we could. This resulted in us determining that the crank system was by far the better choice for our mobile ramps.

For more information about purchasing yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.


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