The Medlin Difference: Our Full Circle Sales Process

At Medlin Ramps, we’ve doing business the only way we know how since we started in 1991. Our founder, Don Medlin, believed that the “customer is king” and used this approach to lead Medlin Ramps to be the leading material handling solutions manufacturer since its inception.

We have used this most basic of mindsets to help customers in all sorts of industries such military contractors, major forklift dealerships, and hardware stores. Regardless of your company’s size or equipment needs, you are still king.

One of the ways we honor our thought process that the customer is king, is through our full circle sales process. Through this process we hope to ensure each and every customer that they are making a knowledgeable and smart decision for their business.

While the technical term is to consider each transaction as a sale, we look at it as more of a relationship. Our goal is to establish, foster, and grow the relationship between you the customer and our solutions.

 For example, many of our customers have done fairly thorough research prior to contacting us. They have done some measurements and calculations to determine what size and capacity yard ramp they need. However, the proverbial buck does not stop there.

We then take it upon ourselves to dive a little bit deeper into your order request. We want to know very specific information about your yard ramp such as what you are aiming to accomplish with it. The answer to the question can either confirm what type of yard ramp the customer needs or it may even bring about some further questions. The customer’s job may be better suited for a mobile yard ramp if they intend on using it sparingly or at varying locations. Even further, the specific job use may necessitate further products to help ensure operator safety.

Once the project scope has been determined and the essential products purchased, the sale is not done. We make every effort to coordinate with logistical partners to verify that your order will arrive on time and with everything present. Our sales team will also provide you with manuals for each piece of equipment as well as provide additional support if needed. Our goal is to not only provide you with the best material handling solutions in the U.S., but also enable you to perform your job successfully.

For more information about our yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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