The Medlin Ramps Story

Medlin Ramps is a premier source of material handling solutions such as mobile yard ramps, yard ramps, trailer spotters, man baskets, and much more. But there is so much more behind the serrated steel than meets the eye. The Medlin Ramps story begins in 1991.

Don Medlin founded Medlin Ramps in 1991 with a personal belief that the customer is king. The philosophy has been passed down and still holds true in the Medlin Ramps family today. This philosophy still exists today because it has proven to be a successful way of doing business. Customers have been the cornerstone of Medlin’s success and growth over the years, and it is only fitting to continue to put them first.

 This customer-focused strategy has led Medlin to be the leading Material Handling Solutions manufacturer in the U.S. since our inception in 1991. Serving one customer at a time has been a primary goal, along with going beyond the expected scope of work. We are committed to only the highest quality and customer service. In standing by our philosophies we have and continue to have the pleasure of working with customers such as Home Depot, Military Contractors, and Major Forklift Dealerships.

Now, while we mention some of the larger companies and contracts we’ve worked with, it is important to note that size is not a requirement. We are devoted to providing attentive customer service regardless of the size of the account and treat all of our customers equally.

Medlin’s home is in Santa Fe Springs California, where we process massive tonnage of materials to produce varying products. Other than providing both stocked and custom products, one of our key differentiating points is our reliance on the crank system rather than hydraulic systems.

One of the most costly and frustrating things for companies is hydraulic failure. We believe that failure is not an option. Our two speed manual crank system has been tried and true for decades. All the system needs is a little periodic greasing. However, you won’t endure the crippling effects of hydraulic failure.

For more information about our company, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.


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