The Color of Safety: Red Yard Ramps v. Yellow

Every company has a reason for using a specific color for its products. This is especially true when it comes to industrial equipment. For example, a certain farm company makes all of its farming products green to match their brand standards. Additionally a major construction company makes all of its backhoes and bulldozers yellow.

Whether you are familiar with Medlin Ramp products or not, you’ll notice that all of our products, or at least the majority of them, are red. We’d love to say we picked red because it is bold and flashy, but the truth is that red is the color of safety to us.

Why Not Yellow?

A lot of yard ramps are yellow. It is a bright color that definitely catches your attention but overall we felt red was a much better fit for our products.

Yellow has actually been proven to be the most fatiguing color to the eye. This is due to the amount of light that is reflected off of it. When you are driving a forklift up a ramp, you don’t want your eyes to be fatigued because of the color of the safety curbs. You need to be focused and concentrated.

In snowy conditions, yellow also tends to get lost. It doesn’t contrast much with the white snow which can make the ramp harder to navigate. Even under regular conditions, yellow does not contrast well against something like cement. Many yard ramps are used over grounds made of cement. When driving a forklift, if you need to look down at your sides, it is much harder to tell the difference between your yellow ramp and the cement than if your ramp was red.

Why Red?

Red is a color that stands out easily. It is also associated with energy and physical movement. Driving a forklift up and down a yard ramp takes both energy and physical movement. Additionally, the color red provides stark contrast in almost every situation. Unlike yellow, it contrasts very nicely against snow and cement.

Finally, red was chosen because we are all used to associating the color red with “stop”. This hesitation alone helps to promote safety because it has the tendency to stop people from leisurely going about their business without taking notice of their surroundings.

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