Yard Ramp Basics: What Is Usable Width?

Today we’re going to focus on the basics. More specifically, we’re going to focus on the basics of yard ramps and mobile yard ramps. Yard ramps are a common, convenient, and suitable alternative for permanent docking bays. They offer companies that don’t have the need for a permanent bay to still ship and receive large quantities of goods.

At Medlin, our yard ramps are made out of heavy duty steel and all weather serrated steel grating. They are extremely durable and come in a range of capacities. They are all 35 feet long and have a usable width of either 64 inches or 78 inches.

Usable Width

While many of the other specs are somewhat self-explanatory, useable width may be a new concept for those not experienced with yard ramps. In short, usable width is the width of the ramp that can be used by either forklifts or personnel.

Let’s look at usable width a little closer. The actual width of our yard ramps are not 64 inches or 78 inches. They are actually wider than that due to the safety curbs. The safety curbs the raised edges of the ramp.

The safety curbs are there to prevent a forklift from rolling off of the ramp. For lifts with abnormally large wheels, we offer a higher curbs. A simple comparison is bumpers in a bowling alley. If the bumpers are raised, there is no chance that your ball will roll into the gutters. When there are safety curbs present, a forklift can’t accidentally roll off the side.

The usable width, is the area in between these safety curbs. It is covered with the serrated steel grating so that forklifts have better traction, even in slippery elements such as rain or snow. So essentially, the usable width is the maximum amount of width that your forklift can be if you intend to drive it up and down a yard ramp.

For more information about yard ramps or mobile yard ramps and their usable width, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.


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