Basic Components of Stationary Yard Ramps

User-uploaded image: STATIONARY+RAMP+RS208430EOD-1A.jpgStationary yard ramps are very simple pieces of equipment. However, they provide a very crucial job which is why it is important to understand the differing components of one. Stationary yard ramps do not have too many components, as opposed to their mobile counterparts. However, even understanding these few components could be the key to having a safe work environment over a hazardous one.Ramp

The most obvious component of a stationary yard ramp is the ramp itself. Medlin Ramps offers ramps at lengths of 30 feet. The stationary ramps come in a useable width of either 64 inches or 78 inches. Every stationary ramp features a serrated grating surface which provides great traction even in conditions that are less than ideal. The grating also helps to prevent build up of derby. The framing is made from heavy duty carbon steel.

Additionally, there are diamond plate surfaces at each end of the ramp to provide a smooth transition from ground to container.

 Safety Curbs

Safety curbs are standard on all stationary yard ramps. The safety curbs run the length of the ramp, providing a stoppage in the case that a forklift were to veer off course. Safety curbs prevent the runaway forklift from falling to the ground. A fall can be costly in many ways including injury to the driver, damage to the forklift, damage to the ground, and damage to the product being lifted across the ramp.

For additional safety, we offer extended curbs for lifts with abnormal wheel height. Forklifts with larger wheels can potentially roll over a standard sized safety curb. With extended curbs, the abnormal wheel height is negated.

Hand Rails

Hand rails are not a standard among stationary yard ramps, however Medlin can provide them. Hand rails are an important safety feature if you intend on using the stationary yard ramp as a personnel walkway. This allows the works the benefit of something to hold onto if the conditions are slippery. It also provides a barrier in the case that they lose their footing and are in danger of falling over the edge.

For more information about stationary yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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