Basic Components of Mobile Yard Ramps

User-uploaded image: MOBILE+RAMP+YRM259635OR.jpgA mobile yard ramp is a relatively simple piece of equipment. However, it has a lot of different components that you may be unaware of. Understanding each component and its function will help to you to better understand the equipment you are using. Having a better understanding of the equipment you are using creates a safer work environment.


The most obvious component of a mobile yard ramp is the ramp itself. Medlin Ramps offers ramps at lengths of 35 feet with a level off (more on that later). The mobile ramps come in a useable width of either 64 inches or 78 inches. Every mobile ramp features a serrated grating surface which provides great traction even in conditions that are less than ideal.


Every one of Medlin’s mobile yard ramps has four, 3×8 iron core poly wheels. These wheels provide the “mobility” of the mobile yard ramp. The ramps can easily be rolled to other areas of your facility to provide assistance where it is needed.

Crank System

The crank system used in Medlin’s mobile yard ramps helps you avoid the hydraulic failures that other ramps may have. The two speed manual crank system allows you to raise and lower the ramp based on your needs. The trucking industry has been using the crank system for decades which proves its utility. The crank system can also be manned by a single person. This eliminates the need for pallet jacks and multiple workers.

Safety Chains

When moving shipments around, safety is crucial. That is why our mobile yard ramps are fitted with safety chains. These chains assist in holding the mobile ramp securely to a trailer or dock.

Level Off

The level off is simply the area in which your forklift can straighten out from the incline in order to access a bay or truck. Without a level off, it would be impossible to load or unload your forklift as you would be on an incline or decline.

Safety Curbs

Finally, for more safety, safety curbs are standard on all mobile yard ramps. The safety curbs run the length of the ramp and level off, providing a stoppage in the case that a forklift were to veer off course. You can essentially think of them as bumpers on a bowling lane. Without the safety curbs, your forklift could drive off the ramp and into the gutters. However, in this case that fall would be straight onto the ground.

For more information about mobile yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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