What types of businesses need yard ramps?

Yard ramps are an affordable alternative to the commonly used concrete loading dock. Loading docks allow businesses to ship and receive huge quantities of raw materials and goods. However, erecting a concrete loading dock is costly, takes time, and is a permanent fixture. Stationary yard ramps provide the same utility as a concrete loading dock, without the cost, time constraints, and inability to remove.

There are a handful of businesses that can benefit from using yard ramps.


Most warehouses will have a concrete loading dock, however that doesn’t automatically make the need for a yard ramp obsolete. Installing a stationary yard ramp can serve as an additional loading and receiving area or it can serve as an alternate.

Even with the most efficient logistics system in place, warehouses can see increases in volume at any given time. Having more than one area to send and receive shipments will be extremely beneficial during these times.


Manufacturers receive raw materials and ship finished products. That means there is the potential to simultaneously receive raw materials and ship finished product at the same time. If the manufacturer only has one loading dock, this can post quite the problem in terms of efficiency.

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers need multiple loading docks, as the whole point of their operation is mass distribution. Yard ramps serve as a perfect compliment for the concrete loading docks found around a distribution center.

Stationary yard ramps can be installed around key locations of the center to maximize output and workflow.

Packaging Companies

Companies that package goods are prime candidates for yard ramps. Their primary objective is to package goods, however they still must ship those goods after they have been packaged.

Since shipments aren’t their primary focus, installation of a yard ramp is a suitable solution to the shipment part of the business. Concrete loading docks often cost a lot of money, whereas a yard ramp is much more cost effective. This helps keep business expenses lower for an essential but not core business function.

Almost Any Company With a Loading Dock

Finally, almost any company with a concrete loading dock could be in need of a yard ramp. In the event that anything happens to the loading dock, a yard ramp can be set up at an alternative location so that business can remain flowing.

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