How a Yard Ramp Maximizes Accessibility

User-uploaded image: STATIONARY+RAMP+YRS208435.jpgFor companies that don’t use them on a regular basis, permanent docking bays can actually be a hindrance to business. These immobile bays offer limited options in terms of loading and unloading trucks.

If your business does deal with shipments one great alternative to permanent docking bays are yard ramps. Yard ramps are extremely durable ramps that provide access when there is none from the dock. These are not only a more cost-effective solution that permanent docking bays, but they also can maximize accessibility for companies.

Remove the Need for a Permanent Docking Bays

The first and most obvious reason that yard ramps maximize accessibility, is the lack of need for a permanent docking bay. As mentioned before, permanent bays can be a hindrance especially if your company will not use it on a daily basis. If you company only deals with one or two loads per day, a yard ramp is still a better option.

Permanent bays take up a lot of space, effectively rendering that space useless for the rest of your business’s operations. A yard ramp does not need this space permanently and be taken down and erected as needed.

Use Them When Needed

Yard ramps and mobile yard ramps can essentially be used where and when they are needed. This type of flexibility allows your business to become more accessible to incoming shipments and outgoing deliveries.

If you have a permanent docking bay and an issue arises that eliminates its ability to ship or receive, a yard ramp serves as a backup. Again, this maximizes your accessibility by providing you with ongoing access even in times of crisis.

Outdoor or Indoor Use

Finally, yard ramps maximize your accessibility because of their ability to be used indoors and outdoors. Simply put, a permanent docking bay cannot offer that type of accessibility. It simply has its usage outdoors.

While typically used as outdoor ramps, you can easily utilize a mobile yard ramp inside your warehouse. It can be used for a number of applications which again, maximizes the accessibility of your company.

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