The Dummies’ Guide To Yard Ramps

Welcome to the “Dummies’ Guide to Yard Ramps”! We’d like to thank you for joining us as we school you about yard ramps. We’ll be discussing the what, why, and types of yard ramps. So without further ado, let’s meet the yard ramp!

What Is a Yard Ramp?

A yard ramp is a safe and reliable alternative to a standard, concrete loading dock. They are used to transport items to and from trucks. These heavy duty contraptions allow forklifts to travel from the truck to the facility’s warehouse, hauling cargo as they go.

Why Use a Yard Ramp?

If they perform the same function as a concrete loading dock, why bother using a yard ramp? Yard ramps are used instead or in addition to loading docks for a variety of reasons.

If the facility does not already have a loading dock, a yard ramp is a suitable alternative. It provides the same utility without the need to install a permanent loading dock. The cost of installing a concrete loading dock is much higher than purchasing a yard ramp.

Yard ramps are perfect for supplementing a loading dock during seasons of high volume. For example, if a facility receives a higher volume of orders in the winter, a yard ramp can be used to ensure that logistics will be met. It can be used in tandem with the loading dock to deliver the increased volume.

Yard ramps are also great for temporary situations. If your facility is going through a rebuilding phase the loading dock is unusable, a yard ramp will allow your business to continue without a hitch.

Finally, yard ramps are great in case of an emergency. If there is a structural issue with your loading dock, a yard ramp can be used while the dock is being repaired. Similarly, if a truck breaks down, impeding the traffic to your loading dock, a yard ramp can be employed as an alternate to ship and receive cargo.

What Types of Yard Ramps Are There?

Yard ramps comes in a variety of dimensions and can be custom built to your facility’s needs. They also allow for different capacities between 16k to 40k.

Stationary yard ramps are ideal when there is no ground access to your facility. These ramps are typically used as permanent alternatives to a loading dock.

Mobile yard ramps provide for a little more flexibility. These allow you to load and unload cargo virtually anywhere on your facility’s property. They are also simple enough that a single person can operate them.

For more information about yard ramps and mobile yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.


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