Dock Boards: Why Grocery Stores Would Crumble Without Them

We all know how groceries get to our homes and into our bellies but have you ever considered how groceries get to the stores? They certainly aren’t grown in the back room and Little Debbie is definitely not hand delivering her baked goods.

No, groceries go through a fairly complex logisticaly process to make it from farmer or manufacturer to grocery store. The overall process varies from store to store and a lot depends on how large of a retailer they are.

Farm and Manufacturers – Food Distributors and Wholesalers

Grocery stores do not purchase food directly from farmers and manufacturers. For simplicity’s sake, let’s call farmers and manufacturers, food creators.

Food creators, especially large corporate owned food creators, sell their goods to food distributors and wholesalers. These distributors and wholesalers are the logistics experts needed in the food distribution process.

The goods from the food creators goes to centralized distribution centers in order to be delivered on a large scale. The distributors inventory all of the goods in order to disperse them to the appropriate retailers.

Food Distributors and Wholesalers – Grocery Store

Packaged goods and produces begin the next leg of their journey as food distributors and wholesalers deliver them to grocery stores. This is where heavy duty distribution tools such as order picker platforms and forklift extensions come into play, assisting workers with moving large quantities of goods at a time.

Forklifts will carry pallets of goods from the distribution and wholesale warehouses to the trucks in which they will be transported. Load Backrests help secure these goods on the forklifts so that the pallets of products don’t fall out. A pallet full of berries exploding onto the ground would be one heck of a mess.

The forklifts will travel down loading docks and yard ramps to reach the trucks. Once secured on the trucks, it’s off to the grocery stores.

Once the trucks arrive at the grocery stores, the unloading process occurs using similar loading docks and yard ramps. The goods are removed from the trucks and brought into the storage rooms of grocery stores.

Then, it is in to your shopping cart they go!

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