Ways To Maximize Accessibility To Your Los Angeles Warehouse With Mobile Ramps and Work Platforms

Maximizing the accessibility to your warehouse is extremely crucial to your business. Having adequate accessibility allows your operations to run efficiently and with little resistance from completely preventable obstacles.

The following tips and tools can help improve the overall accessibility of your warehouse, thereby improving the output of the workers involved with functions such as shipping and receiving.

Over-Sized Receiving Area

The receiving area of your factory should be one of your biggest spaces. You need your staff to have the room to do all of the tasks required during receiving. This includes breaking down pallets, counting items, and preparing the items to be maneuvered to their designated locations.

The access to your warehouse will be clogged if the staff in the receiving room don’t have adequate space to perform their job functions. It would be extremely tedious, not to mention frustrating, if they had to break down pallets and move shipments all while trying to avoid from hitting each other or busting through a wall.

Clear Loading Area

The loading area of your warehouse needs to be clear. There is no negotiating on this factor. Your loading area is not additional parking, additional storage, or a garbage area piled high with pallets.

Keeping your loading area clear allows trucks to easily access your loading bay area and loading docks.

Mobile Ramps

Whether or not you already have a permanent loading dock, you should consider a mobile yard ramp. These mobile ramps provide the same benefit as your standard dock but come with the added bonus of being mobile. They can moved to a different area of your warehouse if you are receiving shipments outside of your typical loading zone.

They are extremely versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors, providing the loading dock benefit anywhere around your warehouse.

Work Platforms

Work platforms provide major benefits to warehouses and their personnel. The work platforms can elevate multiple staff members using a forklift or reach truck. This allows you to access your product stored in elevated area, while having double the efficiency in manpower.

A successful warehouse is built upon efficiency. Easing the accessibility of your warehouse helps your entire operation run smoother.

For more information about maximizing your factory’s accessibility, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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