Ways To Maximize Accessibility To Your Factory With Los Angeles Dock Boards

Maximizing the accessibility to your factory helps the business in a variety of ways. The overall outcome is improved efficiency which leads to lower costs.

By maximizing your accessibility you are increasing the ease at which items can enter and leave your factory. Whether it is raw materials being shipped in or manufactured product being shipped out, the process is made easier through improved accessibility.

Here are some simple ways to maximize your factory’s accessibility and reap the benefits.

Dock Board

Dock boards are a great, mobile substitute for dock ledges and dock levelers. You are able to relocate dock boards to accommodate your factory’s various entry points.

They are also excellent if you factory does not have dock ledges or dock levelers. Using a dock boards allows your operation to function as efficiently as if it had a dock ledge or leveler.

If your factory happens to have one dock with these features, you can use a dock board to create a secondary makeshift docking bay. This is extremely useful if your factory is producing a higher volume of product than usual.

Yard Ramp/Mobile Ramps

Yard Ramps and Mobile Ramps provide your factory with the accessibility of a loading dock, without actually having a permanent one built in.

Loading docks are expensive and can be cumbersome if your factory does not receive large shipments or send out massive amounts of product on a daily basis. However, your factory does need to have that loading dock functionality on hand for when the situation calls for it. In this case, yard ramps and mobile ramps are perfect for your needs.

Work Platforms

Accessibility to your factory can also include the accessibility to the product and material inside of it. Work platforms allows multiple workers to be elevated at once. This allows multiple people to access the specific materials or product they need to push factory production along more efficiently.

Thinking Through Your Space

One of the best ways to maximize your accessibility is to really think through and plot out your space. Certain processes in your factory simply cannot be moved.

In the example of an assembly line, the entire process might be situated permanently. In this situation, you’ll want to examine where your receiving and shipping areas are located. If you only have one loading bay, you may want to consider creating another one if incoming and outgoing freights are conflicting.

An obvious, but often overlooked way to maximize accessibility, is to keep your loading area clear. It should not be used as additional parking or storage. This area needs to be free and clear so that trucks have absolutely zero obstacles when pulling up to your factory.

For more information about maximizing your factory’s accessibility, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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