3 Common Uses of Mobile Yard Ramps

Mobile yard ramps are an excellent way to efficiently transfer cargo to and from trucks and facilities. You may be asking yourself, “Isn’t that what a loading dock is for?”. Your question is valid, however there are certain situations in which a mobile yard ramp is a much better solution than a loading dock. Here are three of the most common uses of mobile yard ramps.

When You Don’t Have a Loading Dock

One of the main uses of a mobile yard ramp, is to supplement the lack of having a loading dock. Many factories, warehouses, and other businesses do not have a permanent loading dock built in to their premises.

A mobile yard ramp allows these companies to efficiently load and unload cargo and shipments. The mobile yard ramp is brought to the designated loading area where a truck can back up to. A forklift can then use the mobile yard ramp in the same capacity as it would a loading dock, transferring items from the truck to the facility.

Overall the mobile yard ramp is a cost-effective alternative to erecting a permanent, concrete loading dock. This is especially useful for the companies who won’t be using a loading dock on a daily basis.

During Busy Season

A lot of companies run a business with some ebbs and flows. There might be seasonality factors in play or there is simply a large product push at a specific point in time. For those high volume times, a mobile yard ramp can vastly help the efficiency of the overall operation.

Your loading dock might be in use full-time throughout these busy times. Employing the use of a mobile yard ramp allows you to meet the volume demanded or even increase it. You can simultaneously be loading and unloading in multiple areas of the facility.

Once the busy season is over and your facility returns to normalcy, a mobile yard ramp can be stored away unlike a concrete loading dock.

To Meet Indoor/Outdoor Needs

Another common use of mobile yard ramps is to meet the need of an indoor and outdoor solution.

Due to their mobility, mobile yard ramps can be used both indoors and outdoors. This allows your facility a lot of flexibility in terms of your loading/unloading capabilities.

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