Mobile Yard Ramp for Sale

Mobile Yard Ramp for sale will allow you to increase your productivity. Since 1991, Medlin Ramps has served the industrial community’s need for sturdy, durable, reliable, and multifunctional outdoor ramps. These offerings have grown to include mobile yard ramps that offer increased flexibility for businesses that get deliveries from different sizes of trucks and businesses who occasionally utilize forklifts to transport items between the outdoors and the warehouse or factory floor. There are many different applications for these mobile yard ramps throughout a wide variety of industries.

Types of Mobile Yard Ramp for sale

When a company doesn’t have a permanent loading dock, a mobile yard ramp is a fantastic, affordable, and multipurpose solution that fits many needs. These state-of-the-art systems offer a variety of ways to load and unload packages and containers of any size. The mobile yard ramps at Medlin include capacities ranging from 16,000 to 40,000 pounds. The crew can also custom design a mobile yard ramp for other weights. Custom paints are available as are custom lengths and usable widths.

Features of Mobile Yard Ramp for sale

Mobile yard ramps come in standard safety red for high visibility even in foggy or dark conditions. The usable width of the ramp is a minimum of 64″, which can accommodate most forklifts. Ramps include 35′ of length with additional level-off. Each ramp contains a diamond patterned steel plate for smooth transitions between the ramp surface and the ground, parking lot or concrete. The surface offers serrated grating for enhanced traction and anti-slip in rainy and snowy weather. Each ramp is outfitted with two-speed manual cranks to avoid hydraulic failure. Optional features for the mobile yard ramps include hand rails, wheels and extended curbs.

Benefits of Using Mobile Yard Ramp for sale

Businesses that receive occasional deliveries and therefore do not have a dedicated loading dock benefit greatly from the mobile yard ramp. There is less need for manual labor when these ramps are used. Pallet jacks can also be avoided with this system, which saves on time and labor costs for loading and unloading of goods. The ramps are easy to roll into place and lock for safety and convenience. Just one worker is needed to put the ramp into any desired place. Built with high-quality carbon steel and 4 iron core poly wheels, these mobile yard ramps are built to last even if they are kept out in the elements. These units are affordable on nearly any small business budget.

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