Dock Board Basics and Applications

Dock Boards Solve a Multitude of Needs

Shipping and receiving is a process that must be expedited with dispatch. The common gap or lack of a bridge between the trucks and the docks when loading and unloading does not have to bring the endeavor to a halt or force a belabored effort of hand transfer. Safe operation is the main goal in whatever method is used. Dock Boards are portable bridge plates that offer a solution to creating a safe passage of transfer for cargo, forklifts, manual or electric palette jacks or hand trucks between trucks and docks when loading or unloading semi-trucks, trailers or rail cars.

Attributes of Portable Dock Boards

As necessary as the method of conveyance in or out of the truck, dock boards are designed with specific features that comply with OSHA safety regulations and just make plain sense for ease of use. To begin with, they have convenient chains or loops for moving the dock board into place. They may be lighter weight, medium-weight or heavy weight as specified accommodating loads from 10,000 to 30,000 pounds. Heavier dock boards may have lifts that either flip up or are fitted in place for a forklift to move it.

Welded Features

Dock boards typically have welded or bolted-on steel legs for anchoring the plates between the dock and the truck bed. Securing the plate so that it does not shift or slip when used is a safety regulation requirement. Stable positioning also preserves the life of moving equipment. Structural steel side-curbs either welded or bolted in place provide strength while preventing equipment run-off. These reinforced curbs are also formed to reduce tire wear. Another helpful feature is the bevel to both edges that assist in smooth entry and exit.

Dock Boards Are Useful in a Variety of Applications

Medlin Ramps produces dock boards from high-quality material handling industrial products. The customized diamond steel surface ensures wheels don’t slip when transferring loads. When a truck does not have its own hydraulic lift to get cargo in and out of a trailer, the dock board is a simple bridge that makes quick work of transferring cargo.

Distribution is the lifeblood of this nation. Each and every day materials are moved and delivered to supermarkets, big-box stores, auto parts stores, countless retail establishments and every kind of industrial venture. Warehouses and distribution centers are filling up trucks at a pace that would make anyone’s head spin if they really stopped to research the numbers. Dock boards do more to safe the wear and tear on personnel and equipment while providing a safe bridge that is the easiest to get over.

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