Four Reasons to Use a Man Basket or Work Platform

If you check in with our blog on a regular basis, you already know we have a well-established bias toward using man baskets and work platforms for jobs that require employees to go up in the air.  Today, we’re going to explain ourselves – by laying out the top four reasons to use these products. Let’s get started:

They save time and money.  Too often, construction companies and contractors are averse to buying new equipment, because they have already got their budgets drawn up to suit the way they have been doing things all along – in this case, usually building scaffolding.  However, the long-term costs of renting scaffolding really add up, and even if you own some, you still have to spend valuable labor hours setting it up and tearing it down.  With a man basket or work platform, it doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, you can avoid the time and money sinks of scaffolding and still get your people safely into the air.

They provide great safety.  There are several options out there for bringing workers to elevated spaces, including scaffolding, rigging, and others, but none of them offer the safety, security and peace of mind that Medlin’s man baskets and work platforms do.  Made from the highest quality steel, they feature railings and non-slip floors to ensure that workers don’t accidentally fall off – a must when working with heights.  Also, there is no safer way to get a heavy load of tools up into the air than a work platform designed specifically for that.

They give you operational flexibility.  Many times, contractors have to turn down jobs that are small, but have a high profit margin (such as window maintenance, repair or even cleaning) because the fees just don’t justify the time and expense of bringing an entire crew – to say nothing of all the equipment and tools necessary – out to the job site.  Man baskets and work platforms give you operational flexibility to take smaller jobs, and thus pad your bottom line, because all you need is a couple of employees, a forklift and a toolkit, and you’re ready for action.

They’re not just for large operations.  Anyone who works with heights on a regular basis can benefit from a work platform or man basket – including roofers, contractors who install and repair windows, logistics operations in warehouses with multi-level storage, construction companies working on large buildings and many more.  The low cost, superior durability and minimal maintenance needs make them a solid investment for just about any outfit that needs to elevate their employees to get the job done.

There you have them – four reasons we think every outfit should have a man basket or work platform.  To learn more or inquire about pricing, contact us today.

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