Yard Ramp for Sale

Yard Ramp for Sale is your last stop to fix an ongoing access problem. If your job requires plenty of loading and unloading of containers, but you don’t have a loading dock, you are most likely familiar with the need for yard ramps.  What you may not know is that there is a lot of misinformation out there swirling around the Web and in the logistics industry in general about why quality yard ramps are important.

Yard Ramp for Sale is the needed answer for your ground to dock ramp access. First of all, you’ve got plenty of options.  You could buy a manual crank ramp, sure, but the guy down the street has a hydraulic ramp, which seems easier, and there was that old co-worker of yours who just built his own in his backyard, so how hard could it be?  DIY?  DIY not?

First of all, forget building your own.  If you don’t meet OSHA’s demanding specifications for load-bearing, grade and construction materials, all of that money you were hoping to save (if you even saved any, given how much time you wasted building the thing in the first place) just disappears into the government’s pockets, and now you’ve got inspectors giving you the wonky eye.  Not to mention that worker safety should be your top priority!

Second, those hydraulic ramps sure look cool – like something that drops down from the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars – but what the movies didn’t show you is how much time Chewbacca had to spend repairing that thing.  Hydraulic failure in yard ramps isn’t just incredibly frustrating, grinding a perfectly productive day to a crawl or even a halt, but it can be very costly to repair, as well.  Sure, hydraulic systems work, until you accidentally overload their already tiny capacity or your forklift operator drives on it wrong and it springs a seal leak.  Even if you wanted to fix it yourself, you’re not a hydraulic engineer, and those instruction manuals usually may as well have been written in Russian.

Instead, consider Medlin’s yard ramps, which incorporate the two-speed manual crank system.  We had a lot of fun “testing” these things – meaning breaking them, redesigning and re-engineering them, breaking them again and repeating until we had the strongest product we could build – so you can count on their reliability and durability. As a bonus, they require little maintenance (just a little grease a couple of times a year) and if the day comes long, long from now that you might have to get in there with a wrench, it is easy to work on – no need to call a Wookiee for repairs.

We have mobile and stationary yard ramps available in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can always find the right ramp for the job.  Check out our products today, or contact us for more information.

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