When to Use a Work Platform Instead of Scaffolding

There are many jobs that require workers to ply their trade many stories up, and traditionally, scaffolding has been the industry go-to.  After all, scaffolding was good enough to build the Pyramids and was even used by our Paleolithic ancestors to paint the ceilings of caves – it has served us a long time, so why change things up?

Well, sometimes scaffolding is not the right tool for the job.  Simple repairs or installs of architectural and structural elements don’t justify the cost of building scaffolding, and even larger, more work-intensive jobs are sometimes made more time-consuming and cost-intensive because of scaffolding construction time, and the time it takes for workers to climb up, down and around on it.

That, of course, is nothing to say of OSHA’s labyrinth of policies, procedures and laws concerning scaffolding.  Can you calculate, offhand, the minimum mudsill length you need to install for your maximum intended load?  How much space should there be between the platforms and uprights if you are using side brackets?  Have you even read Title 29 in the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1926, Subpart L?  Don’t worry – we haven’t either – but the point here is that scaffolding is sometimes an unnecessarily complicated addition to a project.  Especially when there are affordable alternatives.

Consider Medlin’s Work Platform.  You get safe, reliable access to elevated work areas in a variety of sizes, all made of the finest materials and engineered for the highest levels of worker safety.  Every work platform is made of tubular steel and features a diamond-plate floor, as well as a supportive back screen and a toe guard.   It hooks right into your forklift or reach lift – you just drive into the pockets and affix the safety chains – and voila!  You are up in the air and getting the work done, not pouring unnecessary sweat and wages into building scaffolding.

The best part is that Medlin’s Work Platform is comparable in price to most standard scaffolding – yet unlike your standard rolling scaffold tower, the Work Platform requires little to no set-up time.  Medlin also creates models with oversized pockets for larger fork applications, and is happy to accept customized orders to fit your professional needs.  Want a tool tray?  No problem.  Need a custom size or capacity?  Just let us know.

When the job calls for scaffolding, by all means, go with scaffolding.  But if you can do without – and you want to avoid the cost, the time and the frustration headaches that come along with scaffolding – Medlin has you covered.

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