Quality Materials Means Quality Manufacturing

Yes, there are cheap, knockoff versions of the products we sell – but they aren’t much less expensive (after all, after twenty years we have nailed down peak efficiency in our production processes) and they break in no time.  With a Medlin product, you can be sure that your equipment will last a long time – delivering your operation savings year after year.

Here is a quick rundown on some of the materials we use to ensure you get the highest-performing, longest lasting logistics equipment in the business:

Heavy duty tubular steel.  Used to manufacture products like Order Picker Platforms and more, heavy duty tubular steel provides these major benefits:

Superior durability and rigidity, meaning that no matter what punishment your work site can dish out, our products can take it and keep on working.

Unmatched structural integrity, so you and your crew never need to worry about equipment breaking during use and causing a safety hazard.Industry-leading strength, so that you can trust your equipment to safely and effectively lift even the heaviest loads.

Carbon steel channel framing and flat bars.  Our equipment uses carbon steel channel framing, enhancing its strength and durability, and also ensuring that you get a good fit for your existing equipment.  Also, our load backrests and fork extensions are made of heavy duty carbon steel, so you are maintaining the highest safety standards, and don’t have to worry about equipment bending or shifting under the stress of heavy loads.

Manual cranks.  Sure, the hydraulic systems on a lot of yard ramps look cool, but they’re not just more expensive up front, they cost you a lot more throughout the life of the product in maintenance costs, and you have to learn and memorize a thick user and maintenance manual.  We use two speed manual cranks on our yard ramps to make them easy to maintain (they usually just need a little grease twice a year) and easy to operate – no certifications or training for operators required.

Superior materials make a huge difference in quality – and we have a reputation with some of the world’s largest companies for the quality of our products.  Don’t be fooled by other products that might save you a few pennies upfront in exchange for maintenance and replacement costs down the road – Medlin’s products are the way to go!  To learn more, visit us at Medlinramps.com or contact us anytime via the Web or by calling 877-4-MEDLIN.

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