How Medlin Can Help Make Your Logistics Operation More Flexible

You know that the name of our company is Medlin Ramps – and that is because we have specialized in manufacturing ramps for some of the nation’s largest companies for over two decades.  However, we make a lot more than just ramps!

In fact, we have an entire lineup of products that can affordably expand your logistics operation’s capability and flexibility, allowing you and your team to be more productive and more profitable.  Here is a quick list of some of our best-selling products that help you achieve just that:

1.Trailer Spotters.  Sometimes you need to move a trailer within your loading yard, for organization or relocation purposes, but for whatever reason, it is infeasible to use a truck (or you just plain don’t have one available.)  No problem – Medlin has you covered with our custom trailer spotters and end attachments, which give you the capability to move trailers with a forklift.  Like all of our products, our trailer spotters are made with the highest quality materials.  In this case, they are made of heavy duty tubular steel, which means you’re not just getting superior strength, but lasting durability.  Our trailer spotters also come with plenty of customization options, including a pental hitch, a pin-type 5th wheel receiver and a lifting hook.  No matter your needs, we have you covered.

2. Forklift Extensions.  If your current forklifts aren’t correctly configured for the requirements of a specific job, there is no need to go to the effort and expense of purchasing (or even renting) a forklift that is.  Your current equipment will work just fine, no matter how strange or large the pallets you are moving, because we make standard and custom fork extensions that can transform any forklift into the right forklift.  Designed with the highest quality materials – we use heavy duty steel channel that won’t bend and provides the best fit on your forks – and manufactured with exacting safety standards in mind, our forklift extensions can greatly expand the capability of your current equipment lineup.

3. Order Picker Platforms.  Need a new lift truck?  Forget that – put your current one to better use by transforming it with a Medlin order picker platform.  By turning your equipment into a multi-product lift truck, you will increase not only the flexibility of your operation, but its efficiency as well – meaning more work done and more money in your pocket.  Our order picker platforms remove the trouble of trying to position large or abnormally shaped products that sit awkwardly on pallets.  No matter the make and model of your current order picker, we’ve got a platform that will fit it.

Those are just three of our products that can enhance the flexibility and capability of your logistics equipment – there are many more available for you to peruse on our Products page.  To learn more, contact us today!

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