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Quality Materials Means Quality Manufacturing

Yes, there are cheap, knockoff versions of the products we sell – but they aren’t much less expensive (after all, after twenty years we have nailed down peak efficiency in our production processes) and they break in no time.  With … Continue reading

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Maintaining a Safe Loading Yard

Here at Medlin Ramps, we think everyone’s number one priority should be safety.  If a job can’t be done without taking unnecessary risks, we don’t think the job should be done. We are pretty sure most of our colleagues and … Continue reading

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How Medlin Can Help Make Your Logistics Operation More Flexible

You know that the name of our company is Medlin Ramps – and that is because we have specialized in manufacturing ramps for some of the nation’s largest companies for over two decades.  However, we make a lot more than … Continue reading

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Product Spotlight: The Order Picker Platform

We want to spotlight one of our favorite products here at Medlin Ramps:  The Order Picker Platform.  Why?  We love the flexibility, safety and efficiency of this unstoppable piece-picking machine, and we are all about making sure that you, our … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Jib Boom?

With all of the material handling products on the marketplace, it can be hard to know which jobs – and which circumstances – require which equipment. With that in mind, we here at Medlin Ramps have a little blog series … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Safety: Safely Operating Work Platforms and Man Baskets

Here at Medlin Ramps, we share your convictions that worker safety has to be the top priority on any job site, especially one where people are elevated and suffer the risk of falls due to errors or mechanical failures.  With … Continue reading

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Product Highlight: Dock Board

Here at Medlin Ramps, we make a lot of different products – everything from jib booms to order picker platforms to, well, ramps.  It’s right there in our name, after all!  In today’s blog post, we are going to feature … Continue reading

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When to Use a Work Platform Instead of Scaffolding

There are many jobs that require workers to ply their trade many stories up, and traditionally, scaffolding has been the industry go-to.  After all, scaffolding was good enough to build the Pyramids and was even used by our Paleolithic ancestors … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between a Man Basket and a Work Platform?

If you work in logistics, construction, or another industry that regularly involves elevated work areas, you are probably familiar with man baskets and work platforms.  When you need to get up in the air, but a ladder or scaffolding won’t … Continue reading

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Yard Ramp for Sale

Yard Ramp for Sale is your last stop to fix an ongoing access problem. If your job requires plenty of loading and unloading of containers, but you don’t have a loading dock, you are most likely familiar with the need … Continue reading

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