Welcome To Our New Website!

Hey thanks for checking out are new website. I think our web team has really nailed it! I want to start off by saying as a Medlin product designer, how proud I am to a part of a great team that is always looking for better ways to improve our products.

Medlin Ramps has been fabricating order picker platforms for over 20 years. One of the main concerns with the platforms is weight. Naturally the platforms being made of steel which by the way has a much longer life span than aluminum.

The weight needs to be as low as possible due to the lower capacities of order pickers. So we are proud to announce our latest and best design that incorporates all the strength and durability of steel while matching the weight of a standard aluminum platform in the industry. With the weight reduction, it gives us more freedom for those custom sizes and lengths. So give us call for a quote today.

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